Photo courtesy of myworldmycamera

I live in the same part of London I grew up in, but not the same London I grew up in.

An area of South London I have watched slowly slipping towards an inevitable gentrification, an area being moved in on by hipsters at an alarming rate as they are driven in swarms from Brixton and Clapham by yuppie families, wine bars and investment bankers. Once institutions of the area and the backbone of weekend activity for people from all walks of life, “local” pubs now have you scrabbling in your pockets for 20p when you assumed a tenner would cover two pints, and you daren’t look at the bar snacks menu, as deep down you know £3.50 for chips in a pub is really not that reasonable, even for the grotty area you live in, but you know you’ll put out for them anyway because it beats having to face the 12 year olds forced to hang out with their friends in McDonald’s on a Saturday night, because where else is there to go? Of course, until you hit 18 that is, and can legally get into the “public” houses.

I don’t claim to have the answers for the problems or struggles you and I face, nor do I claim any expertise or authority over any subjects or themes discussed on 20SomethingLdnLady, but I vow to utilise empathy, compassion and honesty in my mission to right the wrongs we can on our doorstep.

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